By SDCN Editor

San Diego, CA–In a continued effort to expedite processing times and deliver high-quality customer service on digital platforms, the City of San Diego has unveiled a new online tool to allow San Diegans to easily access permit activity and historical data. 

Using Permit Finder — an interactive geographic information system (GIS) platform — San Diegans can now view records of more than one million permits, all in one convenient place. 

By making permit data available through a user-friendly online platform, the City is also improving efficiencies for Development Services Department (DSD) staff who can now focus their time on permit reviews and processing. 

“This new tool is the latest step the City is taking to improve transparency for permit applicants and interested residents,” Mayor Todd Gloria said. “By having decades of information available at a customer’s fingertips, we’re now able to free up staff who previously spent hours upon hours searching through permit records to answer questions. We’re making things easier for San Diegans and saving valuable time.”   

With Permit Finder, residents and business owners can easily search for past permit history on a property or project, making it easier and faster to move forward with new project plans.  

  • The tool features include Permit data dating back to 2003, covering 20 years of projects from the online permitting portal and Project Tracking System. 
  • The ability to search for projects and permits using a City of San Diego address, an Accessor’s Parcel Number, a project number, a permit number, or an approval number. 

Easily customizable reporting features, allowing users to research previous permits and current projects or approvals for each property address within the City of San Diego.  Permit Finder’s goal of being both efficient and effective for all users marks the next step in the #DigitalDSD initiative and furthers continued efforts to streamline processes for the benefit of both residents and businesses.  “We’re pleased to bring this comprehensive and user-friendly Permit Finder service to San Diegans,” said Gary Geiler, assistant director of the Development Services Department.

“Our team knows how much of a difference the time spent looking for answers and updates can make for customers. The work that’s gone into developing this tool will bring that down significantly while also making pertinent information clearer and more dynamic than ever.” 

DSD aims to enhance all of its workplace systems and cost-effectively leverage technology to increase productivity and improve customer service delivery. Among its latest enhancements are the rollout of an online permitting system for all new development projects, virtual inspections, the innovative Zoning and Parcel Information Portal, the online Small Cell Supplemental GIS Tool, and the digitization of more than eight million records. 

The department reviews, approves, permits, and inspects all private developments in the city and is on track to approve more than 70,000 projects this year. These efforts help customers create new housing units and job centers, increase access to the internet, facilitate expansion and replacement of water, sewer, and telecommunications systems, and protect San Diego’s natural resources. 

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