two Chihuahuas about 7 weeks old were found in a trash can at the Old Town trolley station.

SAN DIEGO–PETA is offering a reward of up to $5,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction on cruelty charges of the person or persons responsible for dumping puppies in trash cans in San Diego.

PETA says if the two incidents are determined to be unrelated, they will offer up to $5,000 for information in each case.

On January 12, two puppies were found in a trash can at the Old Town Transit Center—and just 10 days earlier, two other puppies were discovered inside a box at a dumpster on Adrian Street in Midway, just 4 miles away. The dogs, believed to be 7-week-old Chihuahuas and 12-day-old Cavalier King Charles spaniels, respectively, are currently recovering in foster care and will eventually be put up for adoption.

Law-enforcement officials have yet to make any arrests in connection with the crimes.

“At least one person out there tossed tiny puppies into the trash and left them to die surrounded by garbage,” says PETA Vice President Colleen O’Brien. “PETA urges anyone with information to come forward immediately so that whoever left these dogs to die can be held accountable and stopped from hurting anyone else.”

Anyone with information is urged to call the County of San Diego Animal Services at (619) 236-2341.