By SDCN Editor

Coronado, CA–City crews in Coronado are engaged in a relentless effort to repair the Parker Pump Station, a critical component of the city’s sewer system, following severe damage caused by heavy rains from Monday’s storm. 

The urgent repairs have prompted the city to issue a reduced drain use advisory to affected areas, particularly the Country Club area.

As of the latest update, crews have successfully obtained the necessary parts and managed to restore one of the two sewer pumps to operational status. However, troubleshooting efforts are ongoing for the second pump, which is essential for the full functionality of the sewer system. The city emphasizes that both pumps must be operational and run for approximately 12 hours to effectively reduce the volume of wastewater in the pipes and ensure the system’s proper operation.

Residents in the impacted Country Club area are advised to continue with limited water use for activities such as flushing and handwashing until further notice. Free showers will be available at the Community Center, located at 1845 Strand Way, from 7 am to 7 pm.

In a recent news release, the city of Coronado expressed an understanding of the challenges faced by residents and assured them that repairing the sewer system is the top priority. City staff are working around the clock to resolve the issues, and the city appreciates the community’s patience during this challenging time.

As the repair efforts continue, the city is closely monitoring a storm system expected to hit late next week. Preparations are already underway, including the deployment of backup stormwater and sewer pumps. Additionally, the city plans to increase the availability of free sandbags for residents as a precautionary measure.

The affected area encompasses homes in the Country Club area, extending west of Alameda Blvd. to Naval Base, north of 10th St. and Alder St., and south of 6th Street. The City of Coronado advises residents to stay informed about updates and adhere to the ongoing advisories until the sewer system is fully restored.