SAN DIEGO–Strange things will be happening on March 31 at Arts Liberty Station in San Diego.

In collaboration with San Diego based noise-music, art collective Stay Strange, the Arts District will present Hand of God: Conceptualizing Spirituality Through Experimental Music in the Historic North Chapel. This free event features renowned local and national experimental musicians as well as spoken word and prayer to create a new and daring interpretation of religion, spirituality and the after-life.

“Over the past 10 years, we have worked to revitalize the former base and its historic venues into a destination that features arts, culture and unique experiences,” explained NTC Foundation Executive Director Alan Ziter. “Our goal in sponsoring events like this meets a community need by providing space for San Diego’s most innovative arts groups to engage, perform and connect.”

Built in 1942, The North Chapel served as a place of worship for thousands of Naval Training recruits and servicemen. When the base was decommissioned in 1997 the chapel evolved into an event venue and can accommodates up to 325 audience members.

Stay Strange is a monthly music series that caters to the adventurous listener. They present evenings of abstract, noise, outsider music & art. Audience members are encouraged to not only listen with open ears, but with open minds.

According to Stay Strange founder and curator Sam Lopez, “The North Chapel is the perfect setting for this event as experimental music is a style of worship music. In it you will find emotion and guidance. Similar to experiencing a powerful sermon or hearing an inspiring hymn, it provides comfort and security through its honesty.”

“After two years of failed attempts with a local cemetery, a chance encounter with Alan Ziter allowed me to resurrect the idea,” explained Lopez. “As I toured the empty chapel, I envisioned each artist filling the room with sounds both gloriously angelic and sinisterly tumultuous. We will explore an amazing range of color and emotions through unconventional and genre-defying compositions by these leaders in the American avant-garde through traditional instruments such as the electric guitar, accordion and percussion.”

The program will commence at 6 p.m. with iconoclastic spoken word artist Michael Zimmerman reading a prayer from the chapel pulpit.

Patrons will be invited to anonymously submit a written declaration of any sins they may have committed for soprano Meghann Welsh to sing out from the choir loft. Progressive tubist, Jonathon Piper will accompany Meghann as Codex Confiteor. Codex Confiteor has been described as ‘Medieval Organum Meets Doom Metal.’ They will “sing your sins” in-between every artist throughout the evening.

Fatima Courroux will also be on hand in the small sanctuary from 6 to 8 p.m. to read from her tarot deck to any willing participants.

Donations are accepted at the event.

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