Jaime Brown. Photo: San Diego County Office of Education

SAN DIEGO–San Diego High School’s Jaime Brown was named one of five California State Teachers of the Year.

Brown teaches International Baccalaureate English and Film at San Diego High School of International Studies. In addition to being honored as a California Teacher of the Year, earlier this year Brown was named a San Diego County Teacher of the Year. Brown has been teaching at San Diego High School of International Studies at the San Diego High School Educational Complex for 15 years. Her courses are rigorous and demanding, but are filled with group discussions to allow students to share their own feelings and concerns because Brown believes these will help make her students feel more comfortable. In her film studies classes, she encourages students to volunteer at local film festivals and also developed a partnership with the San Diego Film Critics Society that brought film critics to her classroom.

Dr. Carmen García, principal, San Diego High School, said, “Jaime embodies a ‘you can do it and I’m here to support you” attitude by ensuring students have a voice in their education. As a former International Baccalaureate student herself, she clearly understands the immense pressure her students are going through and reminds them that their success, through perseverance and diligent practice, is around the corner.”