SAN FRANCISCO–The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) today approved the first ever discounted wireless telephone service plans under the California LifeLine Program for eligible households. While celebrating California LifeLine’s 30th year, the CPUC makes affordable access to 21st century communications technology and services real and tangible for thousands of low income Californians. If you want to check for different mobile phone options the web site of Connected Solutions Group has all you need.

In April 1984, a CPUC Decision established the Universal LifeLine Telephone Service Program to promote affordable access to high quality basic phone service by helping consumers lower the cost of their monthly phone bills. During the past few years, Commissioner Catherine J.K. Sandoval has championed the program’s expansion and modernization to include service providers other than wireline providers offering only discounted landline telephone services. This work culminated in a unanimous CPUC decision in January 2014, led by Commissioner Sandoval, that promoted competition, broadened consumers’ choices, and ensured minimum communications needs are met while preserving essential consumer protections across technology platforms.

Said Commissioner Sandoval, “I am pleased that modern wireless and wireline communications services are now available through California LifeLine-approved service providers. Voice, text, and Internet access will be affordable and sustainable for low income households through California LifeLine, providing game changing economic and communications opportunities and enhancing public safety.”

Telscape Communications, Inc. is the first California LifeLine wireless service provider among other telecommunications carriers that the CPUC anticipates authorizing as California LifeLine wireless providers. Telscape has provided California LifeLine home phone services for numerous years; and since 2012 has offered federal Lifeline wireless telephone services. With today’s CPUC’s approval, Telscape can now expand its offerings to include California LifeLine cell phone plans.

Telscape will offer and provide three California LifeLine discounted wireless telephone service plans on a pre-paid basis to eligible households:

1. FREE Plan: 1,000 voice minutes and 200 text messages;

2. Unlimited voice minutes and text messages for a monthly cost of $18.10; and,

3. Unlimited voice minutes, text messages, and data for a monthly cost of $33.10.

Through subsidies provided by California LifeLine, Telscape will also discount the service activation fees to enable California LifeLine participants to activate their wireless telephone service at no cost. Interested consumers should contact Telscape to learn more about their pre-paid California LifeLine cell phone plans. Telscape primarily serves Southern California and has three retail stores located in Huntington Park, Panorama City, and Chula Vista.