SACRAMENTO–Today, the California Department of Veterans Affairs (CalVet) launches a new affordable home ownership program,Residential Enriched Neighborhoods (REN), for our Veterans and their families through a partnership with Homes for Families. Thisimportant new program offers manageable loan payments and enrichment services, with permanent home ownership for California’sVeterans.

 “CalVet and Homes for Families are making it possible for our low-income Veterans and their families to achieve home ownership and self-sufficiency,” said Theresa Gunn, CalVet Deputy Secretary Home Loans. “Through our CalVet REN model, our Veterans whohonorably served our nation should significantly improve their standard of living.”

The CalVet REN model is unique because it tailors home design and enrichment services for our Veterans and their families to meet theirphysical, wellness and mental health needs.  Many of the services offered are Veteran-to-Veteran, and a crucial part of this model trains Veterans’ in financial self-sufficiency.  This model provides the tools and resources to move our Veterans into the middle class.

“By working with CalVet, I believe we will enhance the quality of life for each and every Veteran we serve,” said Donna Deutchman, Chief Executive Officer, Homes for Families, “Veterans deserve the best possible services available through this collaboration between state government and non-profits.”

Homes for Families plans to continue working closely with affordable home builders to ensure the CalVet REN model is replicatedappropriately and services are customized for Veterans moving into each community.  The Enriched Neighborhood® model developedand trademarked by Homes for Families has collected evidence for more than a decade showing the program addresses the needs of itscommunity members.

CalVet recently completed an affordable 12-home community Enriched Neighborhood pilot project in Sylmar, California. CalVetcurrently has five CalVet REN Communities in development throughout Southern California ranging in size from 12 to 87 homes.